viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

Holy Saturday March 26 (click here)

Today we do not meditate a gospel in particular since it is a day that no liturgy. But Mary, the only one who has remained steadfast in faith and hope after the tragic death of his Son, we prepare, in silence and prayer, to celebrate the feast of our liberation in Christ, which is the fulfillment of the Gospel.

The coincidence of events between the death and resurrection of the Lord and the annual Jewish feast of Passover, commemorating the liberation from slavery in Egypt, can understand the liberating sense of the cross of Jesus, the new paschal lamb whose blood we preserves death.

Another coincidence in time, less marked but nevertheless very rich without meaning, there is the weekly Jewish holiday of "Sabbat". It starts on Friday afternoon, when the mother of family lights the lights in every Jewish home, ending Saturday afternoon. This reminds that after the work of creation, having made the world out of nothing, God rested on the seventh day. He has willed that man also rest on the seventh day, in thanksgiving for the beauty of the Creator's work, and as a sign of the covenant of love between God and Israel, God being invoked in Jewish liturgy of the Sabbath as the husband Israel. The Sabbath is the day inviting everyone to welcome the peace of God, his "Shalom".

Thus, after the painful work of the cross, "touch that man is reforged" in the words of Catherine of Siena, Jesus enters his rest at the same time when the first light of Sabbat light: "it is finished" (Jn 19,3). Now it has finished the work of the new creation: the old man prisoner of nothing of sin becomes a new creature in Christ. A new covenant between God and humanity, that nothing can ever break, it has just been sealed, and that henceforth all infidelity can be washed in the blood and water flowing from the cross.

The Letter to the Hebrews says: "A rest, the seventh day is for the people of God" (Heb 4,9). Faith in Christ gives us access to it. Our true rest, our profound peace, not one day, but for life, is full hope in the infinite mercy of God, according to the invitation of Psalm 16: "My flesh shall rest in hope, for your you will not abandon my soul to the abyss. " With a new heart we prepare to celebrate in joy the marriage of the Lamb and allow ourselves to fully marry the love of God manifested in Christ.

  We share his brother in Christ, Father Santiago Zamora
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